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We usually realize we are missing some self-care loooong after we actually need it! It's helpful to know some things about yourself in advance, so you know what specific care you need when you really need it.


Take 15 minutes to invest some time in yourself. Use this simple worksheet as a guide to:

  • learn to recognize your "tells", when you might be in crisis or need
  • identify choices for healthy distraction
  • examine your support system
  • identify behaviors that you know will bring you relief in a moment or season.
  • brainstorm creative ways for care that you might not think about in a time of crisis


Think about it. Fill it out. Writing things out helps solidify things we might otherwise just ruminate on. Print it. Decorate it, if you like. Keep it handy.


When you need it, you'll be glad to have this loving message from yourself.

Self Care Reflection

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