WTH is the "mid" in a "midlife crisis"?! Part 3

Or another subtitle...

What the hell, I'm too young to be having a midlife crisis!!

I think it was this thought that kept me from embracing the possibility of the midlife crisis. And while this diagnosis might not be the answer to everything, I do think identifying it as something gave me the power to move forward in fixing things that were wrong and not working for me.

The title made it a thing and not a phantom.

I believe this milestone or season can happen at any age AND will be a recurring experience, especially considering the criteria I outlined previously

  • wanting to feel different about yourself and your life

  • following any season of being settled; in one job, parenthood, in a relationship for longer than a fairytale

  • allowing shame and other feelings to keep you squelched

If you're thinking, oh hell no! I don't wanna go through this kind of season again… Hear me out!

When you embrace the fact that you are an evolutionarily being, constantly evolving and developing and changing,


fully embrace that there is no shame in wanting change,