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The Success of The Goal Setting Strategy: And a review of my past vision boards

We’re finally into the last quarter of the year. Time... she flies!

A friend just recently asked me if things on my vision boards came to fruition.

Not sure why, but that question struck me for some reason. I guess no one’s really ever asked me if the things I teach are true 😂

So I figured I’d share; in short, the answer is YES!

It's definitely not a perfect journey. There are no perfect outcomes.

So I wanted to share with you, how it really goes with my goals and visions in real life. And how it can go for you. Let you know what I do to "get back" on any kind of track.

What can you do to get back "on track" and how to KEEP living with the intention and motivation you had at the beginning of the year. Those things are still possible. And by things, I mean that feeling and experience you wanted about yourself and your life.


The Method:

  1. set a target

  2. identify your why

  3. list the SMART action steps to get there

The Mindshift

Realize, the goal is just a target to aim for, and what informs the action steps. The thing we REALLY want is the feelings we think that goal will bring us.

The WHY:

ex: lose 20 lbs = feeling healthy and attractive

ex: read a book a month = feeling educated and enjoyable self love

ex: earn $100k = feeling financial stable, secure, and accomplished

ex: plan trip to Disney = create fun memories and connect to family

The Trick:

Do the action steps. Get the feelings.

Read that again.

When you start doing the action steps you outlined to achieve the target, you will actually start experiencing the feelings you desire, whether that target is achieved in completion and totality or not.

check it...

  • If I start drinking water, eating vegetables, and working out, I will feel healthy and attractive whether I lose 5 pounds or 20.

  • If I begin to read a chapter of a book each week, I will have the feelings of self care and feeling learned, whether I complete the book in the month or a year.

  • As I do the action steps of making cold calls for sales, putting offers out there, cutting costs, I will start to feel accomplished and develop some financial security whether I'm actually raising $100k or not.

  • And Disney, oh Disney. Nobody plans a trip to Disney because they want to sweat, stand in line and stay stressed for a weekend in crowds. But if you know your why, then you will do the actions involved of creating fun memories and staying connected to your family, whether it's raining and you decide to throw the plan out the door.

The actions we take consistently will bring us the feelings we want in our lives, whether the goal is achieved in completion or not.


Now, if you review my vision board above, you'll see I put images as goals and targets. I identified my "why", the feelings I want for my life, relationships and experiences. AND I wrote down my action steps.

Not all my goals are near 100%, but my year has been filled with my desired feelings. Of course, it also comes along with pitfalls, set backs and obstacles of all the unpredictable things that come with life. But I go back to those next right steps.

Any minute of any month of any quarter is a good time to reconnect to your personal and professional goals.

What action step do you need to get back to?


I put together a video review of my last 3 vision boards; how my approached has changed and the outcome. 3 minutes. You'll also see a cameo from my kitten Hazel 😻 See the video HERE.

I offer my “Life By Design” workshop in a bunch of different ways.

1. Get on my email list to hear when I offer this workshop

2. Buy the online course HERE and I walk you through all this. Keep the lessons to refer to any time.

3. Bring me to your organization and I can help you solidify your goals and actions and successes for yourself!

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