The Success of The Goal Setting Strategy: And a review of my past vision boards

We’re finally into the last quarter of the year. Time... she flies!

A friend just recently asked me if things on my vision boards came to fruition.

Not sure why, but that question struck me for some reason. I guess no one’s really ever asked me if the things I teach are true 😂

So I figured I’d share; in short, the answer is YES!

It's definitely not a perfect journey. There are no perfect outcomes.

So I wanted to share with you, how it really goes with my goals and visions in real life. And how it can go for you. Let you know what I do to "get back" on any kind of track.

What can you do to get back "on track" and how to KEEP living with the intention and motivation you had at the beginning of the year. Those things are still possible. And by things, I mean that feeling and experience you wanted about yourself and your life.