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Letting pain have it's purpose in you

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Pain has a purpose.

It tells you something needs attention.

And if we ignore or avoid something painful, we will actually be missing an opportunity of learning something, of growing somewhere, or of filling a need that needs to be filled (for ourselves or others).

So I got myself into a painful distressing internet wormhole of hate, anger, fear, venom...just all kinds of pain. I usually stay far away from that kind of content. Because I get affected by it so much, it could bring my soul and mood down deep. I usually try to stick with uplifting messages of hope.

What I'm learning now, and got some clarity on this morning, is that it is important for me (and us) to be able to bear witness to the pain of others, see it, experience it, maybe share it. Because it's only having that more complete knowledge, that we can make truly informed decisions for ourselves on how we want and need to show up in the world.

So when we can experience pain and build our resiliency in it, not by avoiding it, only then can we let our pain have it's purpose in our lives.

Don't let pain be in vain. Let it inform your true purpose.

Here's my reflection from the morning. #vulnerabilityhangover already

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