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Feeling a little brown around the edges?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

“They need room to grow“

This is what a friendly soul advised me upon seeing some plants in my office recently. They were getting a little brown around the edges. I’m not really a green thumb so I was just impressed that I had kept them alive for two years and I thought it was somewhat normal. But she politely informed me that they had outgrown their little pots, I neto be repotted so their roots could have space to spread out a little more. and then they would continue to keep growing, healthy and thriving

today as I am giving them their new homes, I thought… As a nature, so is life. I sent her a picture and she replied, “I guess we all need room to grow.“

"I guess we all need room to grow"

I’ll write about my midlife crisis reconstruction some day, but I believe we all need to give ourselves the space to keep growing, to evolve, to develop, learn, explore, to keep striving and thriving. And I do fully mean that we need to give it to ourselves. Creating space and opportunity is not for someone else to give it to us.

If you find yourself reading this, I hope you find a little opportunity to make space for yourself. Give yourself some room to grow. And bring some color back to your edges!

I guess the next thought might be .... how?

I think it really just starts with giving yourself permission to ponder; to think that it might be needed, and possible. The "it" being color, growth, change, different. So then what? Hooooo, so many options there, but to start... journal, talk about it (with friends, peers, mentors, yep even a counselor or coach). Take a class. Try something new. Explore like you did as a kid. A lot of things won't stick, but something will. And you'll find yourself in a whole new roomy pot to grow in!


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