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My Credentials

I received my Masters in Counseling from UL Lafayette in 2010, and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2013, and counselor supervisor in 2016. I am certified in Temperament Therapy, Prepare-Enrich Pre-marital Program, and The Daring Greatly™ methodology by Brené Brown (2016).  I am a member of the Louisiana Counseling Association.  Counseling is my second career.  I was drawn to it after Hurricane Katrina, when I lost my last restaurant job after 20 years working in that industry.  It is never too late to make a new goal or take a new risk!


My Counseling Approach

I approach therapy in a conversational way, led by you; learning about you, where you are, what you need, and what you need from me.  I embrace the origin of the word compassion - "to suffer with" and I can be a partner to you on whatever journey you find yourself on.  As Kat from EmpathySites says, "It's like you see someone's emotional tornado and jump into the eye of that storm, on purpose." 

I'm good there.

Since beginning my practice in 2010, I have discovered my work continuing to revolve around getting to know and developing a person's sense of self, their authentic self.  With feet strongly planted there, I find we are better able to tackle the things that throw us off course. I believe embracing who you are is a key to FREEDOM, and that the insights and evidence to this are parallel in science and psychology research and spirituality and faith. 

Same concepts.  Different language.

My Hope for You 

First, that you will feel comfortable and safe.  Ultimately, that you will learn things about yourself that then become empowering to you in your life.  That you will leave with a set of new tools and a new way to operate in your life, leading you to experience more joy and freedom where it was lacking before.

We will cling together and remain a stro
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