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There is NO Shame In Change!

Midlife crisis is simply change with ripple effects. When we can work through the change and reconstruction more intentionally, we can diffuse the crisis portion quite significantly.

That season, no matter what age you are in, can be one of chaos, confusion, sadness, and feeling lost. And so many more powerless emotions. I want to help you find your authentic way, so each stage and phase can be just as exciting, fun, and fulfilling as the next!

It is possible. For reals. I've lived it. And now I wanna share it with you.


Here's how it works:

  1. We will have a discovery call to identify your needs, desires, and obstacles.

  2. We will make a personalized action plan, custom to your vision.

  3. I will send you supplemental and applicable coursework, reflection and action materials for you to do in-between sessions.

  4. We will schedule follow up sessions to help you integrate what you are learning about yourself and all the rad possibilities.

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